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About NTR

NTR is the independent Dutch public service broadcaster specialising in information, education and culture. NTR’s themes are based on the statutory duties of the three public service broadcasters which in 2010 merged into NTR: NPS, Teleac and RVU.

In the Dutch public service broadcasting system NTR is one of the large broadcasters with a statutory public service mission. These broadcasters distinguish themselves from a large number of broadcasting associations whose existence is dependent on members. NTR is independent and non-affiliated, and can focus entirely on substance. NTR wants to make special programmes for everyone – programmes that educate people and enrich their lives.

NTR expresses its identity in its logo: NTR colon. NTR has a great deal to say and to show. NTR stands for depth and enrichment, for information and surprise, for development and for personal growth.

NTR: Dutch Public Service Broadcaster for Information, Education and Culture


NTR Themes


As a public service broadcaster without members, NTR is independent. Content comes first for us. This is shown, among other things, in our daily current topics programme Nieuwsuur, a co-production with NOS. In our radio programmes we approach current topics from the perspective of 'the man in the street', with a special focus on developments in the multicultural society. In our interview programme College Tour inspiring national and international guests share with us their life stories and what drives them.

NTR is proud to be the number one science public service broadcaster in the Netherlands. We make science accessible to the greater audience, e.g. with De Kennis van Nu on radio and television, but also with the public service broadcaster-wide science portal NPO Wetenschap. NTR provides the editing services for all the scientific news for NPO Radio 1.

Our history programmes show surprising similarities between the past and the present. Andere Tijden, which is based on current topics, is a good example. We use the same format for our documentary series on De Slavernij, De Gouden Eeuw, and De IJzeren Eeuw. As a spin-off of our series for adults, we also do history programmes for children. Alternating comedy and information makes these programmes popular among both young and older viewers.

Art and Culture
NTR's cultural programming is broad and varied: from classical to pop, from drama to documentary. Characteristic is our focus on genres that are not, or hardly, presented by other broadcasters, such as opera, ballet and jazz. We like to give young talent a platform. NTR is a media partner of many events, including Pinkpop, North Sea Jazz, Holland Festival, and IDFA.

The playful mix of information, education and comedy are characteristic of our children's programmes. Sesamstraat, Het Klokhuis and Het Sinterklaasjournaal have proved this for years. With, NTR provides a sizeable source of educational clips and excerpts from all our children's programmes that can easily be found by entering a keyword. Easy for both school and home use.

NTR sees diversity as a creative challenge rather than a problem, which you can see across our programming. We reflect the multicultural society in all its manifestations in our programmes; from serious documentary series to light entertainment programmes, thus setting an example in Europe.