About NTR

NTR is the independent Dutch public service broadcaster specialising in information, education and culture. NTR’s themes are based on the statutory duties of the three public service broadcasters which in 2010 merged into NTR: NPS, Teleac and RVU.

In the Dutch public service broadcasting system NTR is one of the large broadcasters with a statutory public service mission. These broadcasters distinguish themselves from a large number of broadcasting associations whose existence is dependent on members. NTR is independent and non-affiliated, and can focus entirely on substance. NTR wants to make special programmes for everyone – programmes that educate people and enrich their lives.

NTR expresses its identity in its logo: NTR colon. NTR has a great deal to say and to show. NTR stands for depth and enrichment, for information and surprise, for development and for personal growth.

NTR: Dutch Public Service Broadcaster for Information, Education and Culture



NTR Themes

The world in which we live is changing. Everything happens faster and is more intense. The media landscape is changing too. We’re overloaded with information. And people are adapting. Therefore it’s important that we are able to continue to find our bearings, even when society is becoming more complex and diverse. It’s important to be able to find our way in the information that comes to us through various channels. That’s why valuable input is indispensable; we must know how things work and what they might lead to. The NTR aims to be a clear beacon for people who want analysis and insight about the topics of yesterday, today and tomorrow. And how they’re connected. The independent and unbound position of the NTR enables us to offer people a sure footing in a changing world.

To take part in today’s world people continually want to develop themselves. The NTR facilitates and stimulates individual growth with a wide and varied range of educational programmes and courses. These are very accessible, and aimed both at developing knowledge and skills to improve robustness and critical thinking.
The NTR’s educational range takes shape in cross-media projects. Personal interest, curiosity and inquisitiveness are our basic principles. Diversity is an important focus. A special branch of the NTR is SchoolTV. Their trusted and highly appreciated programmes remain an important pillar. Throughout the year SchoolTV makes programmes with accompanying material for pre-schoolers and students in primary and secondary education. SchoolTV also provides material for popular websites for pupils such as schooltvbeeldbank.nl and eigenwijzer.nl.

NTR’s ‘open eye and ear’ mentality is regarded as essential for the cross-media supply of art and culture. These areas are very important; they enrich our lives enormously. They allow us to escape the issues of the day and recharge. Enjoying music, visual arts, dance, film and literature is a heartfelt pleasure.
Often the NTR does not follow the usual paths. On the contrary, we want to make refreshing art accessible to people, and focus especially on a diversity of human cultures and expression. We aim to provide a podium for new talent. Here too, discovery and personal growth are important themes for us. The NTR has the class, expertise and passion to fulfill this promise.

Information, education, and culture make up the core of our high-quality programmes for children and teenagers. Credible programmes that gives the future generation food for thought. Programmes focusing on culture in the Netherlands. We take young viewers – and their parents, who are watching too – very seriously. We inform and entertain. And we approach everyone in a mature way, including children and teenagers.

With its extensive and distinct programming about the diversity of the Netherlands the NTR wants to be seen as a role model both within the media landscape and outside. Not just because we have to (diversity is a task that is laid down by law), but because it’s also fun, inspiring and natural. Diversity is the leitmotiv in our programming and personnel management. NTR’s programmes are journalistically independent. So, no testimonial programmes, but thought-provoking and critical journalistic productions with ample room for humor and perspective.

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